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NS Novelties Wyld VIbes Swan, золотой Вибратор с поступательными движениями the silver swan
NS Novelties Wyld VIbes Swan – многофункциональный вибратор, из безопасного для здоровья и приятного на ощупь материала. Секс-игрушка имеет функцию поступательных движений ствола, а также 5 режимов и скоростей вибрации. Управление вибратором осуществляется при помощи встроенного контроллера. Дополнит ощущения клиторальный отросток в форме лебедя. Водонепроницаемый корпус дает возможность получать наслаждение в душе или ванной.
3160 руб.
Зажимы на Соски Nipple Clamps Silver Beaded с Цепью Металлические the silver swan
Зажимы на соски Nipple Clamps Silver Beaded соединенные между собой цепью. Сила сжатия сосков легко регулируется.
1090 руб.
Вагинальные Шарики Silver the silver swan
Вагинальные шарики со смещенным центром тяжести цвета SILVER. Использовать для тренировки мышц влагалища и массажа внутренних областей малого таза. Используются от нескольких минут до нескольких часов по мере привыкания (ежедневно при ходьбе). Диаметр 3 см. Материал пластик.
509 руб.
68 Speed Wireless Remote Control Egg For Women the silver swan
Detial: Material: ABS Color: Pink, Purple Size: Show as the pictures Battery: 3 AAA Battery(not included) Features: * Comes with wireless remote control, Safe, hygienic and comfortable to use. * This compact sized personal massager comes in the shape of an egg and is controlled by an remote control. * Comes with 68 different speeds and pulses so you can adjust the amount of pressure you want by using the buttons on the remote control. * Resembles an MP3, more subtle, put the bag, you do not fear discovery. * Made with Phthalate Free ABS materials (No Toxic Chemicals). Package Included: 1 * Egg 1 * Remote Control SIZE: Method of use: Disclaimer: About Color:The precise color of the Lingerie items may vary depending on the specific monitor, the settings and the lighting conditions.The items colors depicted should only be used as an approximate guide.
5.99 руб.
Hot Sex Fantasy Silky Micro Wavy Egg Male Vaginal Masturbation the silver swan
Description: For ages silk has been sought after by kings and conquerors as one of the finest fabrics that man has ever created. That all changes now with the Tenga Silky Egg. Unwrap this silicone egg and use the lube included to get it ready. Then slide yourself in and feel one of the best sensations you'll ever feel around your penis. As you feel the silky sensation from the ribbed spool of silicone silk slide over you, you'll start filling with delight.This masturbation egg beyond imagination outward appearance and lovely packaging, even women have hooked. This new product design thinking is aimed at the glans stimulation, the internal structure of the different -- protruding point type, wavy, cobweb type. High quality elastic resin material not only has good flexibility and has more and the maiden skin are same, soft tactility. Cleaning is simple and convenient, for fear of the trouble you it is a good choice. As a gift must give him a sweet and surprise. Features: 1.Provide corrugated type of heavy socio-semiotic socio-semiotic package, soft continous pleasure like waves as rising;convex point type internal configuration a variety of protuberant stimulate point, provide fluctuation kneading, touch, and rotated stimulation;nets type internal filled with uninterruptedness stimulate outlets and provide 360 degree stimulation; - please cooperate with lubricant use. 2.The operation is simple, easy to carry, 3.For men masturbate, improve the male sex apathy, premature ejaculation, impotence on male adjutant therapy; etc. 4.Suitable for elderly function abate or long-term life of man; a barrier erratic husband and wife living in the intense desire, man, and the man divorced or celibacy,Particularly recommended for high quality life experience of the successful man. How to use: 1, tear packing stickers, 2, open the outer "eggshell" remove masturbation sets, lubricants and pack lubricant cylindrical little container, 3, the penis or masturbation set of inner smear evenly lubricant, 4, penis pretty into masturbation set, with the hand kneading, extrusion and stroking, rotate, gracious feeling, comfortable manipulation degrees to make the most agreeable masturbation way. Details: - Simulates oral sex - Available in six incredible styles - Each egg includes enough lube for one use - Constructed of TPE odorless silicone elastomer - Nubs and ribs heighten the stimulation - Easy to use and maneuver - Creates a gentle sucking noise when in use - Slurping causes a slight vibration without mechanical parts - Waterproof so safe to use in the shower - One time use to no cleaning necessary. Package included: 1*egg Notice: 1.Please use it in safe, sober and unforced condition 2.These personal items will not be returned for your health. More details shown in the pictures:
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Silver Bird кольцо С вибрацией the silver swan
Silver Bird - стильное эрекционное кольцо с мощной вибро пулей. Кольцо создано не только для того чтобы усилить удовольствие мужчины во время полового акта, но и чтобы вознести партнершу на вершину блаженства. Благодаря специальным стимуляторам для клитора и ануса незабываемое удовольствие получат оба партнера. Silver Bird надевается на основании полового члена и замедляет процесс оттока крови, что продлевает и усиливает эрекцию.
1807 руб.